Giovanni Santarelli was born in a small village in Abruzzo (Italy), where he developed a profound bond with the art of photography.  His passion eventually led him to move to Milan, where he soon began collaborating with major advertising agencies and national and international magazines around the world: London, Paris, Dubai, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Russia and beyond. He is a regular contributor to numerous Italian and Japanese magazines including "The Rake", "Men’s Club", "GQ" and  "Esquire". He is also co-author, photographer and art director for the online magazine "Monsieurbespoke" ( In December 2016, his work was shown at the contemporary art exhibition, “Valori di Continuità”, at the Mentana Art Gallery, in Florence, of which he is is also a member. In April 2017, he exhibited at the Crypt Gallery London His work pivots primarily around a constant investigation of the perennial conflict between purity and the decadence of human existence. His work is particularly appreciated for to his unique ability to create images that convey intense emotions, whether in figurative or in apparently inanimate subjects.

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